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Principal's Message

Principal's Message

It is my pleasure to share our school mission, vision, goals, and the programs Green Valley employs to ensure each child
thrives. Green Valley has a long-standing tradition of excellence. As a National Blue Ribbon School we focus on promoting
academic achievement as well as social and emotional well being for every child. Our purpose is to develop each child’s
intellectual potential and creativity through an innovative, balanced, strengths based, curriculum. Our academic curriculum is
standards based, and our instructional strategies use researched best practices. These strategies provide a balance of skills
and knowledge that prepare our children for their future.

Green Valley takes pride in its reputation for providing a positive, caring, and stimulating setting where students love to learn.
The staff embraces parents as our partners in preparing children to be the future. The collaboration, and active involvement of
teachers, support staff, and parents form the foundation of our learning environment. We hold high expectations and
encourage responsible citizenship. Children, staff, and parents model positivity and collaboration because we work together as
a learning community.

Green Valley is committed to empowering its staff and students with current, appropriate technological tools. The school has
created multiple outdoor educational settings to promote learning beyond the four walls of a traditional classroom. Our Maker's
Space, outdoor classroom/garden, and amphitheater are a few of the spaces dedicated learning everywhere on our campus.

At Green Valley, students, parents, staff and community work together to ensure our rigorous, comprehensive, balanced and
integrated educational program in a safe and caring environment. All children have the opportunity to develop their ability to
think critically, solve problems, communicate effectively, work both independently and collaboratively, take risks, make
decisions, be creative and help others. With children as our priority, the staff continues to reflect on teaching practices, share
ideas and concerns honestly, communicate regularly with parents and community, and model a lifelong joy of learning through
our own personal and professional growth. The entire Green Valley community believes in teaching the whole child through
balanced, relevant curriculum in a collaborative and respectful environment.
Our goals are to provide educational experiences that will:
  • Identify and build on student strengths
  • Inspire a true love of learning
  • Sustain academic growth of high performing students and increase achievement of lower performing students
  • Be regarded as welcoming, responsive, and inclusive of all students, parents, and staff
  • Continue to improve programs for students with special needs
  • Promote a safe and caring environment for all students, staff and parents.
The entire staff is dedicated to providing a classroom environment that promotes and reinforces a safe and orderly campus so
that each student can attain his or her potential. We are the COLTS (a Community Of Learning thru Strengths!)