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Open House Art Show 2016

Fall Festival 2016

Last PTA Meeting of 2016-2017

Canines for Independence Visits GV for Ability Awareness Week

Fall Festival 2017

2021-2022 PTA Board

Canines for Companions Event

Churros and Coffee

PTA Appreciation Lunch

Fall Fest



Join the PTA 
The Green Valley Parent Teacher Association is the backbone of our school community. Thanks to the support of its active and impassioned members our PTA is able to:
● Purchase classroom instructional supplies
● Sponsor fun family activities like the Fall Festival, Game Night, Movie Night, Science Fun Night the Spring Family Dance and more
● Disseminate school-wide communications via weekly newsletters, email blasts, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and on-site signage
● Publish the online school directory and yearbook
● Provide parent education and information, including workshops and guest speakers
● Facilitate participation in community service projects


PTA is a great way to get intimately involved in the school, as well as meet other families and staff members. However you don't have to give up your time to become a member of the PTA, you only need to sign up! And your membership makes a real difference.
To sign up today, simply sign into your Green Valley FutureFund account (either during Green Valley's Online Registration, or at a later date).
We offer different membership levels to best fit your family (Golden Eagle, Silver Eagle, Basic Family, or Individual Member). However, please note that the Golden Eagle and Silver Eagle levels are the ones that contribute funds directly to the Green Valley PTA, and are used to build our school community for our children.
  • Golden Eagle Family Membership (for BOTH parents): $50
  • Silver Eagle Family Membership (for BOTH parents): $35
  • Basic Family Membership (for BOTH parents): $30
  • Individual Membership (for ONE parent): $17
Once you have chosen your level of PTA membership, please scroll down the page in Future Fund to complete the PTA Activity Waiver and Photo Release, as well as sign up for currently available PTA and Learning Fund activities and products (like the online school directory (free with your PTA membership), Birthday Board, yearbook, and Learning Fund Direct Donation).
Beyond your financial support, the Green Valley PTA would love to see you at their general meetings, as well as the many events that they host throughout the year. Upcoming meetings and events are posted here, as well as on the Green Valley School Calendar. Everyone in the community is welcome and encouraged to participate! And if you have a little more time to donate, we would love your help - whether it is organizing or volunteering for an event, sharing a special skill that benefits the school, or something else!
If you have any questions please contact Maryam Mercado at or Lindsay Penkower at, our PTA Presidents.
*The registration website, Future Fund, is not sponsored by the school. Information provided on this website may be available to Parent Teacher Associations and other educational benefit foundations as well as school personnel, as required.


Supporting the Green Valley PTA is a great way to participate in our school community, enrich our children’s school experience and work with other families and staff members.  Support is vital because:    
  • Studies prove that children perform better when parents are involved
  • PTA volunteers provide numerous services to improve the school
  • PTA provides great resources for both parents and students
  • National PTA meets with legislators to provide advocacy for our children


Did you know that your PTA membership comes with exclusive member perks? Get discounts at the following places as soon as you have signed up for Green Valley's PTA!
LEGOLAND: For the best discount, reserve a PTA Family Field Trip at LEGOLAND for only $52 for an adult or child.  That’s half off!  Call (760) 438-5346 to book now.  Restrictions apply.  Sign up
CALIFORNIA ACADEMY OF SCIENCES: California State PTA members receive discounts when preordering tickets at with sales code “CAPTA.”
ENTERPRISE CAR RENTAL: PTA members are eligible for a fixed, discounted rate on all cars. And you can go directly to the business line to pick up your car. Make your reservation now with your PTA discount by Car Reservation Discount.
STAPLES: PTA members save 10 percent on supplies and furniture and 25 percent on copy and print purchases when you activate your PTA membership card. Follow these two easy steps: 
  • Join your PTA and visit the PTA Member Benefits page at
  • Register for Staples Rewards® by following the link provided on the PTA Member Benefit page
For a list of other discounts, please visit:
PTA Meeting Dates/times

All PTA meetings take place from 9:00-10:30AM
PTA Meeting Dates/times

  • August 25, 2023.  PTA Board Meeting
  • September 29, 2023.  PTA General Meeting
  • October 27, 2023.  PTA Board Meeting
  • November 17, 2023. PTA General Meeting
  • January 19, 2024.  PTA Board Meeting
  • February 23, 2024. PTA General Meeting
  • March 24, 2024.   PTA General Meeting Elections
  • April 26, 2024.  PTA Board Meeting
  • May 29, 2024. PTA General Meeting

To upload photos. The school code is greenvalley. Remember photos need to be a high resolution, show context, and (ideally) depict groups of kids.
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