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Green Valley LIBRARY CURBSIDE PICK-UP! (Updated 1/18/21) 

Dear Green Valley Students/Parents/Guardians,

Are you looking for something good to read, have you read everything at your house and want something different?  If you answered yes, then I would suggest checking out library books from Green Valley!  If you didn't know, our school library is still available to you--even though we are doing library book checkout very differently than we have in previous years. Many students took advantage of this last semester and I would love to see more students holding library books so they can read some wonderful books!  Are you wondering how you can request a library book hold?  If so, learn how you can get access to request actual books from the Green Valley Library.  There's so much to offer and so many adventures to be taken!  All you have to do to request library book holds is to go to the Green Valley library webpage and watch the video to learn how to request a hold or multiple holds for library books.  I'll process these holds and if the library books are available and you requested them by the deadlines listed below, then the library books will be ready at the grade level pickup for library books.  Please note that TK-2 and 3rd-5th grades have different schedules for requesting library book holds and for picking up the library books.  TK-2nd grade will have library pickup every other week (see below for the important dates) and 3rd-5th grade will have library pickup monthly (see below for the important dates).  

Library curbside/MPR pickup schedule for TK-2nd grades and 3rd-5th grades.  You may want to post this someplace visible so you have these important dates for the deadlines!  

TK-2 holds/requests for library book(s) are due by Thursday, 1/21/21 by 1PM for curbside/MPR library pickup on Thursday, 1/28/21 and Friday, 1/29/21. 

TK-5 holds/requests for library book(s) are due by Thursday, 2/4//21 by 1PM for curbside/MPR library pickup on Thursday, 2/11/21 and Friday, 2/12/21.

TK-2 holds/requests for library book(s) are due by Thursday, 2/18/21 by 1PM for curbside/MPR library pickup on Thursday, 2/25/21 and Friday, 2/26/21.

TK-5 holds/requests for library book(s) are due by Thursday, 3/4/21 by 1PM for curbside/MPR library pickup on Thursday, 3/11/21 and Friday, 3/12/21.

TK-2 holds/requests for library book(s) are due by Thursday, 3/18/21 by 1PM for curbside/MPR library pickup on Thursday, 3/25/21 and Friday, 3/26/21.

TK-5 holds/requests for library book(s) are due by Thursday, 4/8/21 by 1PM for curbside/MPR library pickup on Thursday, 4/15/21 and Friday, 4/16/21.

TK-2 holds/requests for library book(s) are due by Thursday, 4/22/21 by 1PM for curbside/MPR library pickup on Thursday, 4/29/21 and Friday, 4/30/21.  


Remember—the 1st ever library curbside pickup just started September 10th & 11th, so there are bound to be some glitches— please be patient as we navigate this process together! Thank you.


There are two ways you can choose library books you want:

1) placing a library book(s) on Hold (click on the link further up under the words: How Do I Use the Green Valley Library or click on the green tab to the right that says Curbside pickup (the video can be found there also). 

 2) letting Mrs. Dvorak pick the books for you. How do I get my book(s)? Follow the instructions below! 

● Find it in the library catalog

● Place it on hold (if the book is “Out”, you can still place a hold, but it might be several weeks before it is available—so you might want to choose another book that is available.

● Receive an email from the library that says your books are ready (ignore the date you see when you place the hold--COVID has everything slowed down).

● If you prefer that I select books for your child, send me an email with these words in the subject line: PLEASE SELECT MY BOOKS MRS. DVORAK! In the email, list at 5-10 things that you are interested in, enjoy, authors you like to read, or things you want to learn more about (ex: dogs, sharks, crafts, or authors like-- (Andrew Clements, Jan Brett) and I will pull 3 books from your choices for (TK-2) or 4 books (3rd-5th) and you get to be surprised by what books you get at your curbside pickup! Requests need to be in by 1:00pm on the Thursday before your next library curbside pickup. Refer to the schedule in this letter!

.● Pick up the books (from your holds or picked by Mrs. Dvorak) at your next scheduled library curbside pickup/supply pickup.

● If you come before your scheduled day/time—your library books will not be available!

● When you return your library book, please return them in a large sealed brown envelope/large zip lock plastic bag, or rubber band them together on your next scheduled grade level pickup! Write your child’s first and last name and teacher on the sealed bag/envelope, or on a piece of paper if rubber banded together.

● Returns can be made either with a sibling in the other library curbside pickup or at your next grade-level pickup. Please follow the guidelines for returning books listed above! Thank you.


Some things you should know:

● TK-2 can place no more than 4 holds, but you will only be allowed to checkout 3 library books, so you’ll receive 3 of the 4 books that you hold if they are all available! Books are due at your next grade level supply pickup!

● 3rd-5th can place no more than 5 holds, but you will only be able to checkout 4 library books, so you will receive 4 of the 5 books if they are all available!

Library books are due back at your next library curbside pickup!

● If you have library books still out from last school year (2019-2020)—the number of books you can check out of the library this school year (2020-2021) will be less until you bring back the book(s) or pay for the lost book(s) from 2019-2020.

● Books not picked up at the scheduled grade level pickup will be returned to the library by Tuesday, using Covid-19 guidelines. You will have to place another hold on those books.

● Your child will have several books out at once due to the length of time that books are quarantined. Some books will have a long wait list (especially popular authors, titles, etc.). Perhaps challenge yourself and choose something completely different from your usual choices! Are you up for that challenge?

● All books/items will be quarantined for 96 hours and processed after that (per Covid-19 guidelines for libraries).


Let's Get Started!

● Have fun choosing the library books you place on hold. Green Valley Library has a vast array of books just waiting to be checkout by our Green Valley students!

● Don’t forget to watch the video if you aren’t familiar with placing a library book on hold. This process is new while we are remote for the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year! You can find the video under the academics tab under library on our school website!

● Please remember: All holds/requests need to be placed no later than 1PM on the Thursday of the week before your next scheduled library curbside pickup. Please Refer to the library curbside pickup schedule!

Get Caught Reading,


Brenda Dvorak, LMC

Green Valley Library

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