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Staff Contact

To send an email to a staff member, click on the mail icon next to the staff member's name.

To learn more about our staff members, click on their name to be taken to individual webpages.

GV Staff

Contact Donna Grim  Donna Grim Principal
Contact Debbie Bell-Tozzi  Debbie Bell-Tozzi School Office Manager
Contact Debbie McCabe  Debbie McCabe Office Assistant
Contact Fabiola Ambrosino  Fabiola Ambrosino Instructional Assistant
Contact Jenifer Bertolero  Jenifer Bertolero Instrumental Music Instructor ~ 4th & 5th Grade
Contact Tawayne Cole  Tawayne Cole Lead Custodian
Contact Brenda Dvorak, LMC  Brenda Dvorak, LMC Library Media Coordinator
Contact Kirsten Ericson  Kirsten Ericson Speech Specialist
Contact Meredith Goering  Meredith Goering Instructional Assistant
Contact Vanessa Hahn  Vanessa Hahn Instructional Assistant
Contact Celia Hensger  Celia Hensger Team D Tech Support
Contact Julie Kanazawa  Julie Kanazawa Instructional Assistant
Contact Anju Lashkari  Anju Lashkari Health Educator
Contact Katherine Ramos  Katherine Ramos Instructional Assistant
Contact Julie Silva  Julie Silva Child Nutrition & Crossing Guard
Contact Christa Takeuchi  Christa Takeuchi Psychologist
Contact Janet Thomas  Janet Thomas Instructional Assistant